milk powderSince Reuse was established, the transport of agricultural and dairy products formed the bulk of our operations and has remained our principal activity. Milk powder, vegetable oil, butter, butter oil, nuts, malt, sugar, ... all these products are handled by Reuse on a continuous basis. Over 50 years of experience has given Reuse extensive knowledge on the specific requirements of this industry.

Customs: Alimentary products go together very regularly with export quota or restitution rights, which always have an impact on customs requirements. Even in a more liberalized world market, obtaining and filing correct customs documents remains of utmost importance.


Food safety: The objective of the European Union's food safety policy is to protect consumer health and interests and therefore ensures that control standards are established. This requires the intervention of the sanitary services at the point of entry in the European Union. Correct monitoring is fundamental at all stages of the transport chain.malt


Handling and Warehousing: Pre- and post-carriage of temperature controlled cargo is preceded or followed by strictly regulated warehousing. Logistics partners that intervene in this transport chain need to be rigorously selected. Alimentary products require a specific handling and warehouse control.

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