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    The Reuse NV Trading department is a key supplier of various types of raw materials destined to base industries in Africa. Using its large customer base in Africa and its expertise in the international freight market, Reuse Trading ensures worldwide producers connect with African industries. We have a focus on the detergents, soap and cosmetics industries, but continuously develop new industries and products.


    • Detergent & Soap
    • Cosmetics & Personal Care
    • Textile & Leather
    • Food & Feed
    • Paint & Coatings

    Our dedicated team guarantees our customers are updated on every step in the supply chain form production until delivery. We offer our clients the optimum mix of logistics, finance and purchasing services. Our expertise in the African continent and the complex import procedures guarantees a smooth documentary and physical inspection and shipment process.

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    We are eager to try new ideas. We are open for any challenge.



    Reuse Expedition

    Reuse offers a wide range of transport solutions and can control your cargo from A to Z, from anywhere in the world, over sea, truck or by air. Therefore, we have developed a number of complementary services.

    - Container shipment
    - Consolidation
    - Reefer shipments and temperature controlled cargo
    - Dangerous goods transport
    - Special equipment: flat rack, open top, tanks
    - Conventional and breakbulk: steel, big bags
    - Roro: vehicles

    What do we do to make sure this happens smoothly?
    - Pre- and post-carriage from the client to port or port to client by full truck load or consolidated truck
    - Customs clearance import, export or transit
    - Physical inspections in port using our own staff in order to monitor the process perfectly.
    - Warehouse storage and handling
    - Full cargo freight insurance covering all possible risks

    balguerie groupe-150x150For a lot of these services we count on our well-developed European and worldwide network of partners and agents. We believe in communication. Since transport and logistics is a people-orientated business, Reuse will not only ensure your cargo is safe and on time, but we will keep you informed at all times.




    Reuse CustomsReuse is a fully licensed customs operator in Antwerp and offers customs services everywhere through its worldwide network. Besides an expanding Belgian customer portfolio, we also target various other neighbouring countries. With the assistance of our French partners, we have gained over the past years a specific expertise in import and transit cargo to the North of France.

    What can we do for you?

    - Customs clearance for import, export and transit shipments
    - Fiscal representation (VAT) for foreign imports and exports
    - Temporary and bonded warehousing for imports and exports
    - Active and passive value-enhancing programs

    What can we assist you with as well?customs

    - Advise you on exact customs tariff classification
    - Negotiations with domestic and EU customs authorities
    - Establishing exact customs and VAT value
    - Handling Customs litigations and other claims
    - Obtaining refunds on customs duties, VAT and other taxes
    - Organizing fiscal guarantees to customs

    Reuse NV: customs licence number 886 and AEO nr. F0000145GDA


    AEO-logoReuse NV obtained the global AEO certificate for Customs simplifications and Security and Safety under nr. AEOF0000145GDA. The certificate allows Reuse NV to have easier access to customs simplifications or to be in a more favorable position to comply with the new security requirements with regards to goods entering or leaving or leaving the EU.
    The AEO certification is an initiative of the European Union that allow Member States to grant the AEO status to any economic operator meeting the following common criteria: customs compliance, appropriate record-keeping, financial solvency and, where relevant, appropriate security and safety standards.




    Reuse Logistics

    Reuse has wide experience in stock control and warehouse management of temperature controlled cargo. For many years we have handled the import process, storage, handling and transport of temperature sensitive food products, controlling the entire supply chain.

    We are rapidly developing our role as an intermediary partner for incoming and outgoing shipments. Apart from controlling the shipping and customs aspects, we want to monitor your import and export cargo at the point of entry or exit and we can provide the following specific services for a wide range of cargo.

    • Warehouse management
    • Temporary storage and cross docking
    • Stock inventory control
    • Specialised handling of out of gauge cargo
    • Temperature controlled warehousing

    warehouseFurthermore, we take our service one level higher and can also

    • Consolidate your purchases from different suppliers
    • Monitor your European sales and distribute your goods to your clients
    • Act as your procurement and liaison office in Europe



    milk powderSince Reuse was established, the transport of agricultural and dairy products formed the bulk of our operations and has remained our principal activity. Milk powder, vegetable oil, butter, butter oil, nuts, malt, sugar, ... all these products are handled by Reuse on a continuous basis. Over 50 years of experience has given Reuse extensive knowledge on the specific requirements of this industry.

    Customs: Alimentary products go together very regularly with export quota or restitution rights, which always have an impact on customs requirements. Even in a more liberalized world market, obtaining and filing correct customs documents remains of utmost importance.


    Food safety: The objective of the European Union's food safety policy is to protect consumer health and interests and therefore ensures that control standards are established. This requires the intervention of the sanitary services at the point of entry in the European Union. Correct monitoring is fundamental at all stages of the transport chain.malt


    Handling and Warehousing: Pre- and post-carriage of temperature controlled cargo is preceded or followed by strictly regulated warehousing. Logistics partners that intervene in this transport chain need to be rigorously selected. Alimentary products require a specific handling and warehouse control.

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