The Reuse NV company was established in 1959 by Andre Reuse and has been based ever since in the historical center of Antwerp. In the beginning, the company mainly focused on the transport, clearance and shipping of agricultural and dairy products. Initially exports mainly occurred out of Europe in break bulk vessels. Later, the activities were increasingly transcontinental and containerized.

In 1987, Reuse was taken over by Prominter NV, a member of the De Eik Group. Reuse's shareholders continued to focus on the food industry and expanded their business gradually.
In the late nineties, the Balguerie Group – one of the largest French logistics players – was looking for a foothold in Antwerp to serve its French home market better. With its worldwide presence and large import activities, Balguerie was perfectly complementary to Reuse's export activities. Balguerie joined the company by becoming Reuse's majority shareholder in 2000 and broadened the company's playing field, while remaining fully independent to develop its core activities.

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